Other Services

At Kapinua we offer a range of specialised printing, embroidery and sublimation services that can help make your design stand out from the crowd. See below the different types of specialties we offer and get in contact with us today to learn more about our special services.

Other Sublimation

range of fabrics

Flags and Banners

We use sublimation to print more than just garments including maps, bar leaner covers, flags and banners. You can get creative with these and personalise them for any event or occasion. Our flags are available in 3m high, teardrop, or rectangular shapes.

Fab Map

Have your topographical 50 maps printed this way and you’ll never have to replace them! These are sublimated maps onto a durable, waterproof and stain resistant fabric. The printing is vibrant and preserves the detail of the map. You can fold it however you want or need, and we can supply maps that cover the whole of New Zealand.

Fab/topographical map

Other Embroidery

Applique embroidery


Appliqué is essentially the art of embroidering layers of fabric onto more fabric. Rather than using thousands of stitches to fill large areas, why not fill those areas with different coloured and textured fabrics. This method can have amazing effects!


Emblimation is a special technique that we have developed ourselves and is used to achieve fine detail and colour fading when stitching just doesn’t quite cut it. The detailed part of the logo is sublimated onto white fabric, the fabric is laser cut and is used as an applique in the design. Once the fabric is stitched in place, then any embroidered extras can be added on top – giving it something completely unique.

Special thread embroidery

Special Threads

When you need your design to stand out from the crowd, ask about our special threads. We offer a range of metallic threads from Madeira such as:
– Foiled
– Glow-in-the-dark
– Matte
– Woollen threads
We even offer flame-retardant threads and the threads can be mixed and matched to create something unique.

Other Textile Printing

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a great way to get a design printed in either one or more colours. Inks are forced through a screen onto the fabric and then dried, leaving a clear, crisp image that’s ideal for almost any design. This method is great for large quantities.

screen printing at kapinua