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Create a design using our online design tool, or contact us if you need a hand.


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What is Sublimation?

Sublimation printing is best described as a dye that penetrates the fibres of the fabric rather than sitting on top of the fabric like ink or vinyl print. The solid dye particles are changed into a gas (sublimation) using heat and pressure. This causes the dye to bond to the fibres of the fabric. It then changes back into a solid, leaving a lasting colour in the material.

Our production setup is also suited for small runs and we have NO minimum order quantities, you can order only one item if this is all you need

range of fabrics

Fabrics to Suit

Because the dye particles can only bond with 100% polyester, they won’t work on other fabrics. It’s trying to mix oil with water – the dye simply ignores any other fibres.
We always start with white polyester fabric and then add colours by sublimating the fabric in the above-mentioned process. Sublimation doesn’t work when printing on dark fabrics. Like printing dark blue on the back, it won’t show up.
We have a variety of polyester fabrics in stock to suit our range of garment styles. Some fabrics look very similar to cotton fabric.

Endless Colour

If you can print it on a colour paper printer, then you can sublimate it onto your garment! So go wild with colours, colour-fading and shadows. With the possibility to print from edge to edge, seam to seam, top to bottom – the WHOLE shirt or garment all over.

range of colours
sublimation process at kapinua

Print all-over

There is no price difference from having a small logo on the chest, to having a fully printed garment. If artwork is supplied to us correctly, there will be no artwork fee*. Our garments are printed before they’re sewn allowing the print to go right to the seams, and are made right here in Levin – YES NZ Made!

*The requirements for correctly formatted artwork are as follows:
Fonts/text converted to curves, lines to outlines, colours to CMYK, bitmaps with transparent backgrounds and resolution between 75-300 DPI.

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